Jodie Maynard

Jodie Maynard

National Trainer - Reading Interventionist/Academic Specialist

I am an interventionist, who after several years of teaching at both charter and public schools, realized that there is a major component missing in classes that are deemed unsuccessful; human connection and interaction.  When students are treated fairly and know that they do matter, their responses will be  beneficial to them and their future. They will demonstrate leadership and interest in their academic career, based on your structure and environment, because it will become their culture; it will become normalized.  Might it require some sole searching and change?  Absolutely, but that’s where the growth is and strong teachers don’t fear growth!

I believe in a reciprocal relationship between teacher and student, coupled with a relationship of trust, is what every classroom needs.  Keeping the classroom effective, efficient and rigorous is a challenge, believe me, I know.  These challenges exist for every teacher.  Teachers are doctors, counselors, nurses, lawyers, a judge & jury, comedian, pain killer, mom, dad and this is the short list!  Every day, educators come to teach, knowing that they will wear every one of those hats within the hours of 8am-4pm, without warning, guide or template and they do it because that is who they are. They operate with their hands tied, under time constraints, limited resources and multi-tasked duties, for less pay, yet still manage to give until it hurts; they do it because that is who they are.  I truly believe, the souls and spirits of teachers are unmatched by any profession I can think of, hands down.

On that note, I must express, there are times when as teachers, our emotions can get to us, to the point of an emotional power struggle with a student(s).  We are human, therefore, largely driven by emotions; it happens.  The key to overcoming the “power struggle”, is to navigate professionally through these situations while remaining effective.  My research based, proven and effective methods for teaching, will alleviate these issues; if you commit to use it!

It is my mission to provide teachers with the support they need to be successful, evolving and empowered educators. I don’t believe there is any viable reason, as to why an educator should be expected to shape the minds of the future, without support.  Teaching effectively is about the love for your profession and the support it requires.  Know that at the end of the day, there are three types of teachers: the one you forgot, the one you wish you could forget or the one you will never forget!  Your support system or lack thereof will determine which of those three categories an educator exists.

My fact based, data proven, classroom management plan is in place to take the sole lift off teachers and allow teachers and students to collaboratively handle the lift, while building strong relationships and respect for themselves and others. These experiences will teach much needed lifelong lessons that positively impact the spirit of everyone involved.  This is a relationship and strong relationships must be built on strong foundations.

Educators of today, collectively, have the most power in the world to uplift and evoke change.  How much better would this world be, with supported teachers, who instill a love of learning and curiosity, because they have the opportunity to do so?  We can solve that mystery one educator at a time and it is time!

Jodie Maynard


  • Academic Specialist
  • Reading Interventionist
  • National Behavior Management Trainer
  • BT Teacher Mentor/Teacher Coach
  • Former General Ed. Teacher First through Sixth Grades
  • Former Middle School English/Social Studies Teacher
Fervor Master